The Balance Bundle

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The Balance Bundle

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Save 15% when you bundle our nourishing Balance Facial Oil.

Introducing the Balance Bundle.

Balance Facial Oil is designed for all skin types, making it the perfect all-rounder facial oil. Infused with Chamomile, Tasmanian Lavender, and Boronia, it provides a calming and soothing revitalisation as both a morning and evening ritual.

Take a moment to calm your mind and stabilise your skin with Balance Facial Oil. This purifying and hydrating vibrancy boost deeply replenishes damaged or dry skin tissue, while also providing stabilisation for your skin and mind.

The unique blend of Geranium, Tasmanian Lavender, Sweet Orange, Sandalwood, Chamomile, and Tasmanian Boronia Absolute in Balance Facial Oil offers not only calming and soothing effects, but also antimicrobial and cognitive benefits.

Make Balance Facial Oil a part of your morning or evening ritual to revitalise and rejuvenate both your skin and mind.

Benefits of The Balance Bundle:

  • Balancing blend of nutrient-rich Australian botanical oils
  • Contains Vitamin E for a vibrant complexion and protection.
  • Nutrient-rich formula promotes cell rejuvenation and collagen production.
  • Jojoba oil helps regulate sebum production in the skin.
  • Fractionated coconut oil provides lightweight absorption for maximum skincare benefits.
  • Cosmetic grade macadamia oil restores the skin's natural barrier and reduces signs of aging.
  • Infused with Tasmanian essential oils to stabilize and balance the mind, revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, especially hormonal and sensitive skin

What's included:
2 x 30ml Balance Facial Oils 


When to use Ello facial oil in your skincare routine?

Firstly, yes we all need facial oil as part of our skincare routine. Adding an oil to your regiment can actually help to balance your skin’s oil production, your skin won’t be working over-time to try to produce its own oil if it’s already balanced. Facial oils have the capacity to nourish and strengthen your complexion.

When it comes to when to apply your facial oil in the steps of your skincare. In general, your facial oil should be applied as the last step in your skincare regime.

When to use:
In the morning, apply after your moisturiser, before sunscreen and make-up. Uplift is our morning facial oil and provides the perfect hydrating base glow under makeup.
In the evening, apply as the last step in your skincare routine following moisturiser/serums. Restore is our evening facial oil and deeply rejuvenates the skin and you wake with a replenished glow.

All skin types can benefit immensely from Ello Botanicals facial oils. Our products harness the purifying and restorative properties of the natural environment. Our all-natural botanical ingredients include Tasmanian Boronia, Lavendar and Rosemary from Brookfield Farm in Southern Tasmania.

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