Do Ello facial oils work for all skin types?
Ello facial oils are suitable for all skin types. They are suitable for dry, combination, and even oily skin types. The base blends of each Ello facial oil address the type of usage, the time of day and the type of skin conditions they target. As Ello facial oils are suitable for all skin types, the one best suited for you should be based on personal preference.

When do I use facial oils in my skincare routine?
In general, your facial oil should be applied as the last step in your skincare routine.
IN THE MORNING: Apply after your moisturiser, before sunscreen and make-up. Uplift is our morning facial oil and provides the perfect hydrating base glow under makeup.
IN THE EVENING: Apply as the last step in your skincare routine following moisturiser/serums. Restore is our evening facial oil and deeply rejuvenates the skin and you wake with a replenished glow.

Will Ello facial oils make me break out?
Our facial oils are designed for mature skin, so if you have oilier skin and you are prone to breakouts, you would benefit most from our Uplift blend. Uplift is our lightest blend and contains the greatest amount of Jojoba oil which is great for balancing oily skin and controlling breakouts. Not only does it help with oiliness it also keeps the skin hydrated as well. But if you do experience problems, stop using the product and then try again in a few days to see the difference. Most importantly, if at any time you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us at and we can talk to you further about your concerns.

How do I use Ello facial oils?
Follow 4 simple steps for your facial oil ritual:
Ello Botanicals Facial Oil ritual

Are Ello facial oils suitable for sensitive skin?
Our face oils contain anti-inflammatory and calming botanical oils making them suitable for sensitive skin. Not only that, they are full of hydrating goodness that help repair and protect sensitive skin. Some people do react to essential oils, however the concentration of essential oils in our products is very low and unlikely to cause any problems. As with any new product you use, it’s a good idea to patch test on an unseen area of your body before you apply it to your skin.

Which Ello facial oil is best for me?
As Ello facial oils are suitable for all skin types, the one best suited for you should be based on personal preference. Please refer to our guide Which Ello facial oil is best for you.

Are Ello facial oils made from Australian Ingredients?
We are an Australian owned business based in Tasmania.  All of our base oils are sourced from Australian farms and the majority of our essential oils are grown and extracted in Tasmania. Brookfield Farm is the home of Essential Oils Tasmania who we work with to produce our facial oils.
The exception is Coconut Fractions, and Egyptian Geranium oil which are unfortunately not available in Australia. We are committed to serving the Tasmanian community we grew up in and we pay respect to the Palawa – traditional owners of the land upon which now serves us.   

How are the Ello facial oils scented?
Ello face oil contains the scent of natural essential oils.

Are your products Vegan and Cruelty free?
All of our products are 100% vegan and contain no animal products or animal by-products of any kind. We do not test our products on animals, nor ask third parties to do so on our behalf.  This is one of our core brand values.

Are your products natural?  
All of our products are natural plant extracts and are formulated with no chemicals. You can be safe in the knowledge that you are using a 100% natural product.  Our products are of the highest quality – formulated without fillers or chemicals found elsewhere in the beauty market. Meet our botanicals.

Where are your products formulated?
To ensure quality control our key essential oils are sourced and batched from Essential Oils Tasmania. Overseen by our lead chemist, each facial oil has been formulated in Australia. Our manufacturing partner has over 25 years of industry experience and has been selected for their extensive knowledge of formulating and manufacturing to the highest standards.

Are you sustainable?  
We are committed to ensuring a vibrant future for the generations that follow.  Our products are produced and packaged in a manner that minimises environmental impact and we only source our supplies from farms that operate in the same manner.

Have a different question?  
Please email us here at Ello at we are happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

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