Ello Botanical Founders and sisters in law, Clare Hazell Wright and Rachael Hazell

Ello Botanicals was created to give women a moment.  Grounded in a simple daily ritual – to deeply nourish, inspire, and restore – providing a coveted piece of luxury to your everyday 

Moving through life as sisters-in-law, supporting one another through the balances of life and ageing, we came to realise the frequency with which our self-care rituals would slip to the bottom of our priority list. Ello Botanicals was founded by the desire for minimal yet efficacious and quality products that sustain as a cherished ritual in our busy lives. A simple indulgence, emanating from the most luxurious wonder of all; nature. 

Inspired by a shared reverence for graceful, natural ageing, and harnessing the purifying, restorative properties of the natural environment, we are passionate about creating Australian-made, all-natural products that elevate your complexion with a healthy glow. 

Provenance at Brookfield Farm

For generations our family was fortunate enough to instill legacy of farming and innovation at Brookfield Farm in Southern Tasmania, the property of which is now occupied by Essential Oils of Tasmania.  

Ello Botanicals is a fortuitous extension of this legacy; a continuation of our family’s history within the Tasmanian communitywe work hand-in-hand with Essential Oils of Tasmania to deliver our range; emulating the honest, grounding values of the Farm. 

With love 

We know that beauty is a feeling; it comes from within. Ello Botanicals ensure that moment for you is never lost in your dayThe perfect offering of support for you and yours. We invite you to luxuriate in the unique feeling of calmness. And embrace the nourished, dewy boost to your natural complexion, no matter what your age. 

Brookfield Farm, Tasmania

Brookfield Farm is a picturesque property nestled under Mt Wellington, overlooking the mouth of the North West Bay River in South East Tasmania. The site is locally renowned for its scenic beauty and fertile plains.   

The Hazell family grew up on Brookfield Farm, recollecting convivial past-times of hot summer days exploring and cool winter nights by the fire. The concept of time being lost on adventure, play and nurture.

“Some of my fondest childhood memories belong to Brookfield Farm. Trips with Dad to check on the stock, jumping on haystacks with my cousins, and warm summer days at the creek. Long trail rides on my horse, watching the soaring Wedge tailed eagles overhead, it felt like I was a world away from reality.” – Clare Hazell, Co-Founder of Ello Botanicals  


Today, the farm is the site of Essential Oils of Tasmania, who produce unique Tasmanian essential oils and native plant extracts, servicing demand right around the world. The essential oils extracted from Brookfield embody the temperate climate, fertile soils, clean air and purity synonymous with the Tasmanian region. 

We acknowledge the traditional owners of Brookfield Farm, the Palawa people, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

The Boronia difference

Boronia Tasmania

The secret to Ello Botanicals lies in the uniquely native Australian plant, Boronia. Known for its exotic, rich and fragrant flower, the bloom is extracted in Absolute form to capture its prized fragrance. Essential Oils of Tasmania have been producing Boronia for 30 years and are the sole supplier in Australia. It is the prized cultivar in their portfolio, so much so that they worked with the University of Tasmania's agriculture and plant sciences faculty for more than a decade to extend its yield and consistency.

“We hope our next chapter with Essential Oils of Tasmania will see us cultivate a community, who for generations to come, will too be able to experience the wonder of Brookfield.”

We hope you enjoy our facial oils as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them. Discover Ello Botanicals  

Clare and Rachael Hazell  


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