The Ello Botanicals difference: how our facial oils can boost your mood

Each of our nourishing facial oils are infused with a unique blend of mood boosting Tasmanian essential oils to enhance your well-being. But what is the aromatic science behind essential oils, and how do they boost your mood and health?Essential oils have long been the fragrant jewels in the world of well-being. And now a study by Monash University scientists has given us a sneak peek into how they actually work their magic on our mood. 

 How essential oils can boost your mood

Meet the Essential Oils

First things first, what are essential oils? They're like nature's hidden recipe. These oils are extracted from plants, and they're loaded with compounds that make them beautifully aromatic. People often use them in aromatherapy, where these delightful scents waft through the air and give your mood a boost. Interestingly, when you inhale these fragrances, the molecules make their way to your brain, and perform a special dance.

Unlocking the Mood-Boosting Mystery

The Monash University team found that aromatherapy can lift your spirits, reduce anxiety, and help with depression. But, there's a catch. To get the full benefits, we need to know which oils do what and how much we should use.Here's where it gets interesting... they found that essential oils with strong antioxidant powers are the ones that brighten your mood. Take lavender, for example, its soothing vibes come from its fantastic antioxidant abilities.The study has opened up a world of possibilities. These oils could be used to combat depression, anxiety, infections and inflammation, and much more! It's like nature's remedy kit.The team is also diving into determining how much of these oils you need for the best results, even in extreme weather. It's like finding the sweet spot for your favourite scent.This new research is discovering a wealth of insights about essential oils. With the science now starting to back them up, we can use these fragrant wonders to boost our mood and overall health. It's an exciting step towards personalised aromatherapy experiences.

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